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Google Adwords

Pay Per Click (PPC) basis of ads on Google Search Engine, you don't pay for impression

Impression Of Ads Is Always Free

Check your product & service demand on Google Search Engine, and use Google Adwords to target your potential clients intention. Image your potential client is able find your company website, product or service immediately when they search, this can lead to higher conversion.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Can improve your website visibility on search engine in a high credibility manner

This is what click does not cost

Imagine your website can be listed on Google top 10 in which you are not required to invest large amount of budget into. Ask around and see how many of the researcher will be clicking on non-ads search result during their research, you would know the benefits of doing SEO.



Considering video ads for your brand, product or service awareness? You may consider Youtube video ads as it is the second largest search engine in the world, as well as the best entertainment video channel in the world.

No surprise, there are more than 3 million websites are engaged with Google by displaying banner ads. You can grab this opportunity to target your ads to potential customer base on your preferred targeting criteria.

Base on studies, almost everyone of us is using Gmail and we only read emails that come with specific subject which attract us and meant something to us. So what’s the benefit of take your ads to gmail user? You knew it.




The greatest social media that you need

Facebook contains the active users that you need.

There is up to 25 million of active user of Facebook in Malaysia. Image you can deliver your ads to all these people at anytime regardless where they are, what impact could be to your business?


Another form of social media which emphasize on images

Instagram is great when you have stunning images

Do consider Instagram if you have tons of high quality images that describe your brand, product & service. It can take the marketing effort to the furthest. Let images tell your story.

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